Audio for video - sound design
Broadcast production - radio, tv & web
Corporate production - cd-rom, web, on hold 
Jingle & soundtrack production & recording
TV - vo, narration and character

Music production - album and demo recording & mixing
Session musicians & singers
Mastering for cd replication 

Audio enhancement & noise elimination










Chris Aiken


Chris has been working in the music business for over twenty years. He began in his teens as a freelance drummer playing with numerous bands from Western Canada live and in    the studio.

It was these studio experiences that left him wanted to work more and more in recording. At 23 he slowly got into studio engineering around Vancouver, Canada and grew to really love it.  

A few years later he ended up moving to Europe and settling in Warsaw, Poland. It was here he opened his own studio and started the studio life full time. During his time in Poland Chris has been lucky enough to work with many of Poland's top bands and artists either mixing, producing, songwriting or as a drummer.